To help Cadillac compete with its German rivals like BMW, Audi and Mercedes, Bose created a sound system that they ambitiously called it the most advanced in automotive world.
The sound system, called Panaray, will be installed exclusively on the future CT6 model. The Panaray system marks the global debut of Bose Automotive’s new line of “Advanced Technology Series” sound systems, integrating technologies and design elements from Bose home entertainment and professional audio productsto deliver unprecedented performance in a car.
The Bose Panaray system reproduces music with more clarity, precision and deep bass than any system preceding it. It combines proprietary Bose digital signal processing with 34 speakers – nearly all measuring less than four inches (100mm) in diameter – strategically positioned throughout the Cadillac CT6 cabin.
Travis Hester, Cadillac CT6 executive chief engineer said: “We asked Bose to create something truly special for this new vehicle: an unbounded sound system, providing an audio experience unmatched in any other luxury automobile."