Bugatti Chiron is a hell of car. Under the hood of the Molsheim based hypercar is a W16 8.0 liter engine that can deliver 1.500 horsepower and 1.600 Nm peak of torque. Shortly after the official launch, everybody was searching for the top speed of the new Chiron.

But the producer had other plans. For now, the Bugatti Chiron is electronically limited to 237 mph. If you are using the "top speed" key, the value will go up to 261 mph.

But this is not all because the Chiron can travel a lot more faster. According to the producer, the new hypercar can run up to 300 mph. But there is a problem. According to Andy Wallace, company’s test driver, the current tires are not capable to travel at that speed. 

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With the standard Michelin tires, the Chiron is able to hit 280 mph. But Wallace believes that Michelin will do a good job and will develop a tire that is able to handle the 300 mph speed. Next year, Bugatti will do a top speed run and Michelin has plenty of time to develop that tire. 

Source: BUgatti