When it comes to off-road performance, Ford can teach every manufacturer some important lessons in running hard on tarmac. With the launch of the new Bronco model and Bronco brand, Ford is expanding the experience.

Bronco brand is redefining the off-road landscape with suspension designs to elevate off-road driving performance on various types of terrain without sacrificing on-road drivability or control.

For the all-new Bronco two-door, Bronco four-door and Bronco Sport models to deliver the Built Wild brand promise, every model is built with the unique High-Performance Off-Road Stability Suspension (HOSS) system featuring independent front suspension, taller coil springs on every corner for added articulation and HOSS-tuned heavy-duty dampers for improved stability on-road and off.

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The HOSS systems up the off-road ante further on Bronco and Bronco Sport models such as Badlands series, or the Sasquatch off-road package available on the two- and four-door models. The systems feature heavier-duty off-road-tuned dampers, as well as end stop control valve technology to increase impact absorption and further improve high-speed pitch control.

On the Bronco two- and four-door chassis, HOSS delivers pitch and roll control inspired by today’s trophy trucks. It starts with the same second-generation Ford T-6 chassis used in the Bronco R Baja race prototype, utilizing an independent front suspension modeled after the Ford F-150 Raptor forged twin aluminum alloy A-arms with long-travel coil-over springs, HOSS-tuned shock absorbers and stabilizer bar.

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This modern off-road design reduces unsprung front axle weight up to 20% – or up to 42 pounds – over competing solid front axle designs for a far superior ride and more consistent tire-to-surface contact. And with the three-mode electronic-assist rack-and-pinion steering, it offers better on-center steering and precision on-road and off-road while minimizing steering wheel kickback.

At the back, Bronco adds compliant coil-over progressive rate springs for pitch control and a five-link geometry 220-millimeter (about 8.6-inch) solid axle balanced for optimal payload capacity, plus stabilizer bar-delete for added articulation. In higher-capability models, available three-zone position-sensitive dampers are added for even greater rear pitch control and reduced head toss in higher-speed off-road environments, while increasing suspension articulation in low-speed environments.

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