The new product that is going to make world premiere at the Guangzhou Auto Show is the first e-drive SAV built in China and the first NEV from a Chinese premium manufacture.

Product development of ZINORO 1E has begun along with the work on the brand side since early 2012 when the new brand project was approved by both shareholders. BBA’s R&D team has kept on growing to support the new brand project. BBA’s R&D Center was officially opened in September 2013 with a dedicated NEV Technology Center. The R&D Center is highly equipped with high-voltage testing equipment, EV lab, virtual modeling and sonic testing equipment etc. By the end of 2013, the BBA R&D team will reach 500 people and the majority will be Chinese local talents.

ZINORO 1E battery uses lithium iron phosphate cell chemistry. With innovative liquid cooling and heating technology the battery can keep an ideal working temperature, prevent over-heating and allow high performance with no compromise on safety and lifetime. The battery passed strict tests under extreme weather conditions in Yakeshi and Tulufan.

Safety is considered throughout battery development. The battery management system monitors the working conditions of the battery in real time and responds to unusual situations within 30 milliseconds by cutting the connections with the electronic devices so as to make sure no component is with electricity.

The 3 battery packs are mounted at the front under the engine hook, the center and the rear replacing traditional gasoline tank. Such layout can not only keep a perfect weight distribution and offer even lower center of gravity, but also increase safety in case of accident.

ZINORO 1E with its lithium battery can reach a travel range up to 150 kilometers. Charging of the battery takes around 7.5 hours when using wallbox of 16A. The travel range is well balanced with other factors such as vehicle weight, charging time and actual needs in city traffic.

The e-motor is mounted on the rear axle offering a maximum power output of 125kw (170hp). It produces the top torque of 250nm from the very beginning and will continually to offer thrilling driving experience till the top speed of 130km/h, which is electronically limited and suitable for city traffic. Its outstanding driving behavior also benefits from rear-wheel-drive, low gravity and almost perfect 50:50 weight distribution.

The new car is equipped to meet the customer expectation for a premium BEV with professional navigation system, Bluetooth, Auto A/C, Multi-function leather steering wheel, front seat adjustment electric with memory for driver’s, PDC, Rain sensor, seat heating for driver and front passenger etc. Active safety technology includes ESP, PSS, and Tire Pressure Monitor etc. In addition, as a SAV, the ZINORO 1E offers practical functionally with generous interior space and a luggage space of 306 liters.