The Bavarian manufacturer is promoting two of its best products through another display of speed in which it pits the BMW M3 coupe against the BMW RR bike.
Both the M3 and the RR start on opposite sides of the track and naturally whoever catches the other one is faster. It might sound like a no brainer but we’ll just go ahead anyway and remind you some of the facts regarding vehicles using 2 wheels and 4 wheels. 
A bike is much more faster than a car on a straight line, and it can also brake on a much shorter distance, while the car is faster than a bike especially during slow corners. Also the track on which the M3 and the RR chase each-other becomes wet after around 11 laps, creating a disadvantage for the bike. 
Who got to be the fastest?…well the BMW RR after 15 laps, but check out the video below to see the whole duel for yourself.

BMW M3 vs BMW RR Video :

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Source: BMW via YouTube