After Audi announced that it will offer RS Plus version for every performance model in its range and Mercedes has great success with their AMG Blac Series edition, BMW is considering some hardcore variants of their current M models.
A spokesman for the BMW US division hinted at the possibility to see much powerful version of the current M3, M5, M6 and X5 M, X6 M models.
Talking with Automobile Magazine, the BMW official commented in regards of having an AMG Back Series competitor: “It will be an interesting year”. The spokesman even said that the Americans sould expect a major models during 2013, something in the likes of the old M3 CSL or the newer M3 GTS.
If the information is correct, we should expect at more powerful M5 and M6, capable of exceeding 600 hp. The weight will also be lowered for improved performances.

Source: BMW