BMW is the first world manufacturer to deliver a production car equipped with laselight technology. The german manufacturer delivered its firs BMW i8 units to a number of eights clients in Germany, during a special event held where else than in front of the BMW Welt in Munchen.
The keys of the car were presented by Roland Krüger, Head of Sales and Marketing Germany for the BMW Group, and Dr. Helmut Schramm, Head of Production Electric Vehicles at Plant Leipzig. Before the event, BMW organised a reception evening where celebrity guests were present, like TV presenter Thomas Gottschalk and actor Thomas Kretschmann.
The current full LED headlights are standard in the BMW i8, while the optional laser-boost feature extends its high-beam range to up to 600 metres. This lase technology uses 30 per cent less energy than ultra-power-saving LED lights, takes up less installation space inside the headlight and its easier.
“In November of last year, we welcomed the first BMW i3 customers here at BMW Welt. Today, we are continuing the BMW i success story with the first eight BMW i8 customers worldwide. As ‘the first of a new era’, the BMW i8 combines the sustainable design of a carbon-fibre body with a powerful plug-in hybrid,” stated Roland Krüger on the occasion.