Bernie Ecclestone lawyers and the German prosecutors have established a 100M USD deal. He will pay this amount of money within a week and all the corruption charges will be dropped. 

"Yes! Thank you very much, I will honor my commitments", 83-year-old Ecclestone told the judge when asked if he can meet the deadline.

This financial settlement was agreed last Friday and on Tuesday the judge accepted it. 

"The proceedings will be temporarily suspended with the agreement of the prosecution and the accused," judge Peter Noll said.

According to Reuters, 99M USD will go into the Bavaria state’s coffers and 1M USD will go to a children’s charity. 

The fact that a bribery saga ends with a history-making payment to the court, is highly controversial, particularly with brands like Daimler operating under strict compliance rules.

"If someone is acquitted in court, does not go to jail and can continue working, I welcome that. This applies to Bernie Ecclestone especially, with the great contributions he has made to Formula One", said Dieter Zetsche, Daimler president. 

Source: Reuters