The British personalisation specialists from Imperium have been commissioned with creating a one-off bespoke Bentley Continental GT by a ‘well known UK entrepreneur’ who’s identity remains undisclosed.
The car was customised in accordance to their client’s exact specifications, and the result is a unique looking Bentley Continental GT fitted with redesigned front and rear aprons, carbon fiber side sills, a discrete boot lid lip and a new diffuser also made from carbon.
Apart from all the above, bespoke designed body components, Imperium has also upgraded the Bentley Continental GT with ultra light, fully forged alloys while in terms of mechanical changes, the car’s performance figures have been improved through a remapped ECU and a sport exhaust.
An optimised braking system and a lowered suspension were also part of Imperium’s treatment for the Bentley Continental GT, while at the interior the car received the tuner’s refinement package based on their client’s individual choice. This included a sports steering wheel and materials like leather, carbon fiber and wood.  

Source: Imperium