The Bentley Boutique at Geneva Motor Show 2010 is offering the possibility for wealthy customers visiting the British manufacturer’s stand to purchase a number of luxury products, among which some have been exclusively designed for the 2010 Show.
The branded merchandise is themed around “A Celebration of Colour” and has been produced for Bentley under licence from best-in-class partners.
So products on display include Bentley Breitling watches, Tibaldi pens, Stockinger safes, Estede eyewear and zai skis.
As you might expect none of these high-end items come in cheap as the Limited Edition fountain pen for example carries a price tag of 4,500 Euro.
Bentley press release :
Bentley is delighted to announce the opening of its first ever dedicated Boutique at the Geneva Motor Show this year.
Motor show visitors will be able to choose from a selection of Bentley branded merchandise from the Bentley Collection, together with a limited edition range of new products designed exclusively for the 2010 show.
Also on display will be a number of products produced for Bentley under licence from best-in-class partners: Breitling watches, Tibaldi pens, Stockinger safes, Estede eyewear and zai skis.
The branded merchandise is themed around “A Celebration of Colour”. We have selected vibrant accents from the exciting new colour hues of the cars on the show stand, and have worked with Robert Ettinger of London to produce a Limited Edition range of small leather goods comprising luggage tags, key fobs, passport holders and coin purses. Hand-stitched entirely in England from Bentley’s own hides, Ettinger’s leather goods reflect the finest workmanship and materials. Ettinger is proud to hold royal warrants. 
Other beautiful gifts will also be available to purchase such as sterling silver cufflinks, hand-made in England and assured with Bentley’s own hallmark; sumptuous silk ties, pure merino wool accessories, hand-stitched gloves, model cars and a range of classic clothing and caps.
“zai for Bentley” Skis
The new, Limited Edition “zai for Bentley” skis will be showcased at the Geneva Motor Show this year.
These ‘one-of-a-kind’ “Supersport” skis are entirely handmade in Switzerland. The skis, poles and ski bag have been designed exclusively for Bentley, with design input from Bentley’s own styling team and will be a limited edition of 250 numbered pairs.
Most excitingly, unique and patented technology confirms the product range is truly ‘one-of -a-kind’. New materials deployed in the skis will be a world first. Zaiìra® is a novel composite material containing carbon fibres specially developed by zai in co-operation with a partner. Zaiìra® is used on the skis’ top layer in combination with natural rubber in the centre as well as carbon fabric in composition with chrome steel in the torsion part. Additionally, long carbon fibre Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites (LFRTP) are being used in the zai for Bentley ‘Supersport’ skis.
The ski poles also demonstrate a new technology, ExoGrid®, which has thus far been used for golf club shafts. Now employed for the first time – and only – in the Bentley skis, this unique combination of titan and carbon fabric reduces weight and guarantees high stability. The ski bag is also custom-designed and custom-manufactured by zai.
Zai was formed in 2004 and is based in the Swiss village of Disentis. The company is a high-end manufacturer of ski products, helmets and goggles, with a focus on hand-built craftsmanship and the use of unique materials and patented technology.
Zai launched the world’s first and only skis containing a stone core, “zai Spada”, followed by ‘Hublot All Black by zai’ skis featuring a natural rubber top layer.
The zai for Bentley ski range will be a limited quantity only, numbered 1/250.
The skis will be priced as follows:
6,800 EUR
9,800 CHF
9,800 USD
5,900 GBP
The skis are available to order and retailed via zai distributors. Please contact:
Benedikt Germanier at zai for Bentley directly for information.
Estede Eyewear
An exciting new collaboration between Bentley and Austrian eyewear manufacturer, Estede, will be also showcased at this year’s Geneva Motor Show.
Working with Crewe design teams, Estede has produced a limited edition, high-end range of sunglasses and ophthalmic frames under licence for Bentley.
Estede is a family-owned company experienced in the luxury eyewear sector. Previous clients include Porsche Design, Chopard, S.T. Dupont, Fabergé and Girard-Perregaux. Estede’s focus has always been on sophistication, understatement and elegance and these cues are evident in the new “Estede for Bentley” Collection.
Presented as a Limited Edition Collection, the frames are available in two different sizes. What sets the “Estede for Bentley” collection apart from others is the use of precious metals and innovative surface treatments: silver palladium, 18 carat gold and platinum are the components of this exquisite range.  In particular, platinum is considered to be the rarest of all precious metals and never before used in eyewear – hence the new Bentley range will establish a precedent in the eyewear sector.
Offered in a presentation box containing spare/different lenses for varying activities, each pair of frames will be individually numbered and can also be engraved with owner’s name or car details.
RRP approx. pricing – Silver palladium €1,400, 18 carat gold €4,100 and platinum €11,500
For further details, please contact:
Christoph Rosenauer
“Tibaldi for Bentley”
The Geneva Motor Show will also see the launch of three new exciting pen designs in the “Tibaldi for Bentley” range.
Tibaldi was Italy’s first ever manufacturer of fountain pens, founded in 1916. Phi – the concept known as the Divine Proportion – informs every aspect of the structure of all Tibaldi pens. For example, the proportion between the pen’s cap and the visible portion of the barrel when the pen is closed equals the phi ratio, 1.618.
Even the pen’s accompanying case is measured in multiples of the phi coefficient.
Phi has been used in art, architecture and music for centuries, often unintentionally. Aesthetically, phi is a symbol of perfect and natural beauty.
All Tibaldi pens have a patented filling mechanism. Revolving the cap to fill the barrel with ink produces the gentle sound and reassuring feeling experienced when manually winding the crown or bezel of a fine watch. The mechanism resists rotation slightly, avoiding brusque movements of the bottom of the pen and reducing the risk of leakage. The traditional tie-shaped clip is a signature of Tibaldi pens from the early 1900s. The Tibaldi clip’s sophisticated spring mechanism lifts it easily away from the cap and its polished rotary wheel lets it slide effortlessly when inserted into a pocket.
Tibalid is synonymous with special limited editions. Widely regarded as the finest technical writing instruments in the world, and serious collectors’ items, the attention to detail and craftsmansip inherent in Tibaldi pens is unrivalled.
All Tibaldi pens are available worldwide via Tibaldi distributors, high-end department stores such as Harrods, and specialist pen stores.
The flagship pen! A Limited Edition fountain pen and roller ball (90 of each style and veneer). Designed in collaboration with Bentley’s own styling studio and drawing design cues from the new highly acclaimed Bentley Mulsanne.
Available in light, medium or dark veneers available to match perfectly the Mulsanne veneers. Finished in pure sterling silver.
Retail price range approx € 3,900 – € 4,500
Exciting, sexy, racing, innovative: the first “Tibaldi for Bentley” pen fashioned from smoked carbon fibre and presented in a quilted Alcantara case.
Drawing on design cues from Bentley Supersports – the ultimate ‘extreme’ Bentley – the pens reflect another successful collaboration between Bentley’s own design studio and Tibaldi.
Available as either fountain pen or roller ball, each pen is numbered 1 of only 630.
Retail Price approx. € 1,300 – € 1,700.
Tibaldi for Bentley introduce a slimmer version of the highly successful existing Continental pen series.
Produced as a Limited Edition range of fountain pen, roller ball, Bball Point and Pencil in exciting new hues, reflecting the Bentley Continental’s most popular exterior paint colours: Aquamarine, St. James Red (solid), Violette, Magenta Metallic & Silver Tempest.
Only 999 of each pen style will be produced.
RRP approx € 500 – € 850.
The Bentley ranges may be viewed on
Please contact:
Giuseppe Aquila, the CEO of Tibaldi / Montegrappa

Source: Bentley