Bentley and Vertu, two great British brands, have signed today an exclusive five-year partnership. Thanks to this new partnership, we will see on the market a new generation of luxury smartphones.

The new series of luxury smartphones will be distinguished by the unparalleled design, craftsmanship, contemporary elegance, great performance and unique technology. 

According to Bentley, the first phone developed by this partnership will be officially revealed in October, probably at the 2014 Paris Motor Show

It will be followed by four further distinctive luxury smartphone, each of which will encompass authentic and iconic Bentley design elements.

"Bentley’s new partnership with Vertu brings together two world-leading brands defined by their commitment to performance, luxury and customer experience. The collaboration expands Bentley’s luxury range into the cutting-edge work of mobile communications and offers customers a new way to experience the world of Bentley", said Wolfgang Durheimer, CEO of Bentley Motors.

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Unfortunately, Vertu is not the great gadget builder. We shall remind you that the last smartphone they produced called Constellation had many bugs. The first one is that the smartphone was underpowered, it featured an old version of Android and has a 1.7 GHz dual-core processor that won’t disturb your iPhone performance.

Source: Bentley