Audi is getting closer to the day when it will introduce its first autonomous mass-production vehicle. The Ingolstadt-based manufacturer made significant progress with the help of important supplier in the auto industry, and is ready to develop a car that can drive itself.
The German manufacturer unveiled new informations about the central driver assistance controller (zFAS), the core of future systems for piloted driving under development by Audi.

developed this elemental control center in collaboration with internationally leading technology partners. Under the direction of Audi, a team of specialists from TTTech, Mobileye, nVidia and Delphi jointly developed the various hardware and software components. Audi has chosen Delphi as the future system supplier for the zFAS electronics board.
A wide range of sensor information comes together in the zFAS. The controller uses this to quickly compute a complete model of the vehicle surroundings and makes this information available to the various assistance systems. It is thus the central interface for all piloted driving functions.
The zFAS board is equipped with both the EyeQ3 mobile processor from Mobileye and the new Tegra K1 from nVidia. The tremendous computing power provided by this solution corresponds to the complete electronics architecture of a well-equipped midsize car. Thanks to the high degree of integration, the new board is barely the size of a tablet PC.

is also working with leading suppliers such as Bosch, Continental, Valeo and Delphi on the sensors and actuating elements, such as braking and steering systems. 
In the near future, Audi connect will enable the piloted cars from Audi to also learn continuously as they drive.