Audi knows that customization can sale almost any car in the world nowadays. Especially premium cars. So it decided to offer a unique feature for its R8 supercar, in both coupe and Spyder versions.

The German manufacturer developed process for the partial matting of painted surfaces that enables virtually any lettering or graphics to be precisely ‘blasted’ into the painted surface of the car’s distinctive side blades.

A special powder roughens the clear lacquer on the surface to a depth of a few thousandths of a millimetre so that individual markings become visible, making each R8 which undergoes the process unique. As the desired symbols are applied to components after being painted, the process can easily be integrated into normal series production.

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The Audi paint shop can apply almost any pattern that a customer requests providing it does not affect any third­ party rights. At present, components with a size up to a metre by a metre can be processed in this way.

The Audi R8 super sports car in both Coupe and Spyder forms is the first model for which this technology is offered through the Audi personalisation programme. This option will also become available for other models in the range in the future.