To improve its clients experience but also to easily impress them when they come into the showrooms, Audi announced it will use Virtual Reality (VR).
This way the Ingolstadt-based manufacturer will try to show its cars months ahead of their reveal, with the help of virtual reality headsets. The headset showcases the entire model portfolio of the four rings, including all possible equipment combinations.
Audi has become the first automotive manufacturer to develop a dedicated retail software solution for VR headsets. The clients can virtually take a seat behind the wheel of their individually configured car or look in the trunk. A camera tracks the movements of the user’s head and the system adapts the image displayed accordingly.
The full spectrum of the Audi model range, with respective customization options, can be called up: colors, leathers, inlays as well as infotainment systems.
The Audi VR experience is also supposed to be able to allow customers to hear the sounds in the car like car doors closing and sounds systems.
Oculus Rift DK2 and Bang and Olufsen headphones are shown in the photos, but Audi has not yet determined which headset hardware it will be using.  Audi will bring the new sales tool to the first dealerships by the end of this year.