Audi has published the first pictures and details of the all-new 2020 A7 Sportback 55 TFSI e quattro. As you can simply get, this new version of the German GT is a plug-in hybrid. 

At the base of the powertrain is a 2.0 liter petrol unit with 252 horsepower and 370 Nm peak of torque. The combustion engine is backed-up by an electric one which can deliver 105 kW and 350 Nm. In total, the plug-in hybrid system delivers 367 horsepower and 500 Nm peak of torque.

The unit is matted to a seven speed automatic transmission and an all-wheel drive quattro system. As a result, the 2020 A7 Sportback plug-in hybrid can run from not to 100 km/h in 5.7 seconds, while the top speed is electronically limited to 250 km/h. 

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The battery of the system has 104 pouch cells and a total capacity of 14.1 kWh. In this case, the battery can provide more than 40 kilometers in electric range. Speaking of electric driving, the top speed is limited in this mode at 135 km/h. 

Orders are now being accepted for the Audi A7 Sportback 55 TFSI e quattro at a base price in Germany of 77.850 euros. Market introduction begins in the third quarter of 2019.