What will happen, if you transplant the 4 liters Audi A8 engine into the car body of its smaller brother A6 and improve the interior of the latter in the same time? The result of this surgical effort is called by the well sounding name Audi RS6 Avant 4.0 TFSI quattro? The answer to even this question is researched by the O.CT Team.

The specified target is totally clear. In particular, the performance optimization by modification of the engine electronics is to be perfectly coordinated with the engine characteristics. 

If the “normal” values of the Audi RS6 with 560 HP / 412 kW and 700 Nm of torque are not bad at all, the reprogramming of the engine controller will give imposing 670 HP / 493 kW with 880 Nm of torque. While the acceleration from stand to 60 mph with serial power does not exceed 3.9 seconds, after the “intervention” 3.4 seconds order of the day. By the way, Vmax can be improved in different ways, whereby 300 kmph (190 mph) is standard improvement. Optionally, 320 kmph (200 mph) or more is possible, demanding, however, special tires.

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There is still to be mentioned that O.CT offers already metamorphose stage 2 with additional sports exhausting system (Hammer V8 Sound by touch of button). In this case, the engine power increases slightly up to 680 HP/880 Nm.