The guys from AutoExpress have recently reported that Audi is working on an MPV version of the A3. According to the Brits, the pre-production concept will be shown in 2014, while the production model can be released in 2015.

As a reminder, Audi was planning a seven seat SuperAvant, but the A4 version was ditched in favor of a smaller A3 MPV version. According to the same sources, the next A3 model will be based on the MQB platform. The architecture will be extended with 200 millimeters in comparison to the A3 Sportback. 

"I think there is definitely room for rational cars or family cars in the Audi line-up. But they have to be stylish, like any Audi", said Wolfgang Durheimer, Audi R&D chief in an interview given to the guys from AutoExpress.

Source: Auto Express