While Mercedes is busy launching its first electric SUV, Audi is already starting production of its new e-tron model. Audi Brussels has this week begun volume production of the Audi e-tron. The brand’s first all-electric SUV has a range suitable for everyday use, and thanks to its charging capacity of up to 150 kW can be primed and ready for a long distance journey in around 30 minutes using a quick-charging station. 

Audi will present the final production-ready car for the first time at its world premiere in San Francisco on September 17.

Audi Board of Management Member for Production, Peter Kössler, and Patrick Danau, Managing Director of Audi Brussels, witnessed the first Audi e-tron models driving silently off the assembly line. 

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Since summer 2016, the plant has extensively rebuilt its body shop, paint shop and assembly line step by step, and has set up its own battery production. Driverless transport systems bring the batteries for the electric cars to the assembly line just in sequence. The employees in Brussels have received more than 200,000 hours of training for the first all-electric Audi and are prepared for the start of production.