The German automaker is presenting a prototype version of the Audi A8L (long wheelbase) featuring the LTE broadband Internet connection technology which is considerably faster than current 3G systems.
The LTE technology which is close to being introduced on production series vehicles, offers data transfers speeds of up to 100 Mb/sec (similar to fixed-line connections), meaning that passengers will be able to stream music and hi-definition videos on up to six computers or mobile phone devices. As a reminder the current 3G connections offer transfer speeds of up around 14.4 Mb/sec.
The LTE broadband connection in the Audi A8 was developed in collaboration with Alcatel-Lucent, and it represents the fourth generation (4G) technology that is expected to replace the Global System for Mobile communications (GSM) and the Universal Mobile
Telecommunications Standard (UMTS) systems that underpin 3G.
Audi technicians have tested the capabilities of the LTE by streaming large amounts of data and Michael Dick, Audi Board Member for Technical Development, said during the presentation of the A8 L prototype that "We will use LTE technology to extend our advantage in automotive networking and further consolidate the Audi connect strategy,".   

Source: Audi