The journalists from AutoExpress wanted to see how the new Audi A7 behaves in the four door coupe segment, and in order to find that out they have compared it with the Porsche Panamera and with the model which created this class, the Mercedes CLS.
Th Audi A7 starts at 44,000 GBP and is offered with a choice of front or quattro for wheel drive. Its boot is the most spacious of the three, while its interior is very quiet, refined and filled with gadgets. The same story goes for the Porsche Panamera, only in this case the car costs 18,000 GBP, and offers the most sporty driving experience in this class.
Its interior is even more luxurious than the A7’s, and for passengers sitting in the back there is more legroom.    
As for the new generation Mercedes CLS, the base version starts at 46,000 GBP, and according to AutoExpress, this is the car with the most striking appearance. At the interior the CLS feels as luxurious as an S Class, and its engine is the most diverse when compared to the Audi and Porsche. Just like its German rivals, the CLS is very quiet and very dynamic, but on the down side, its boot is not as practical as the one on the A7 while there seems to be less space for rear seat passengers.
Overall however AutoExpress thinks the 2011 Mercedes CLS is the best car in the 4-door coupe class, so follow the jump and see why. 
Audi A7 vs Porsche Panamera vs Mercedes CLS Video

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Source: Auto Express via YouTube