AutoExpress has reviewed the five-door version Audi A1, a vehicle which they say offers more than two-extra doors added to the back, an orange paint job and a full-length contrast roof.
When compared to the 3-door model the 5-door variant is also 6 mm higher and wider, comes with a more spacious interior offering a little extra head room and leg-roof for passengers in the back, plus a boot that can accommodate 270-litres worth of cargo (920 litres with the rear seats folded).
The are many engine options available for the 5-door A1 among which customers can find the 1.6 TDI, which is the cleanest engine as it emits just 99 grams of CO2 per Km, or the 185 HP 1.4 TFSI on the fastest version.
However AutoExpress claims the most interesting choice is the 1.4 TFSI rated at around 140 HP featuring cylinder deactivation technology which can shut-down two of the four cylinder on light throttle loads. This technology enables the five-door Audi A1 to return 60 mpg, while CO2 emission levels reach only 109 grams per Km. This particular engine is a great mach for the A1’s personality as it has plenty of power, it likes to rev and it also sounds good.
The car is great in terms of handling as well, its interior features lots of technology, and its price tag is only 560 GBP more than the one on the 3-door A1. 
Audi A1 Five-Door Review :

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Source: Auto Express via YouTube