Aston Martin was involved in architecture design for a pretty long time. The latest creation is the the company’s first building in Japan.

It is located in the Minami Aoyama area of Tokyo, and Aston Martin’s designers have worked with a local architect to realise the impressive four-story building’s exterior. Also, according to Aston Martin, its team also styled the interior, including some furniture stuff.

In this impressive building there are some special gems, and one of them is a garage. Among others, you’ll find a wine cellar, a home cinema, and a gym.

“Outside, we’ve created a striking architectural form with clean lines and seamless boundaries so the residents can connect with and experience this unique location. Inside, we’ve catered to the senses, using a holistic combination of elements and materials to create a calm and relaxing space for them to retreat,” said Aston Martin Chief Creative Officer Marek Reichman.