Steve Cropley from Autocar is among the very fortunate ones who can say they have spent some time inside the Aston Martin One 77.
Even though he did not get to drive the car, and the fact that the One 77 which is limited to 77 exemplars costs 1.2 million GBP should make it easier for you to understand why, he still got the change to better understand what this British supercar is about.
The guy doing the driving in this review is Chris Porritt, One 77 Chief Engineer, who explained the ideas that ware taken into account when development for this 200 mph car started, and what exactly makes the One 77 such a raw, pure and obviously exciting machine.
The One 77 develops 750 HP and 750 Nm of torque and is basically the ultimate expression of Aston Martin today. 
Aston Martin One 77 Review Video

Source: Autocar via YouTube