Extensive details together with a large photo gallery has been released today reffering to the Asphaltfighters STORMBRINGER powered by WARM UP or easier said: The Fastest Bike in the World.
Powered by a 1,000cc 4-cylinder 4-valve engine developing 220 HP (161,9 kW) or 280 HP (206 kW) in boost mode, the Asphaltfighters STORMBRINGER can reach an impressive top speed of 320 Km/h and is able to accelerate from 0 to 300 Km/h in just 13.9 seconds.
Fully fueled the Asphaltfighters STORMBRINGER weights only 195 Kg and as far as design the Fastest bike in the world comes with revolutionary features, never before seen on a motorcycle. Some of these features include a backup camera system, a head-up display system or LED daylight running lights.
The Asphaltfighters STORMBRINGER features a black body colour with orange coloured accents and various carbon-fiber components and the world’s fastest motorcycle will be seen in the flesh for the first time at the Essen Motor Show starting from tomorrow.
The Asphaltfighters STORMBRINGER price is 57,500 Euros and WARM UP Zweiradtechnik GmbH in Aalen from Germany will produce it in a limited edition.
Extensive details regarding Asphaltfighters STORMBRINGER’s engine and drivetrain, performance, aerodynamics, suspension, brakes and design in the official press release below. 
Asphaltfighters STORMBRINGER press release:
The World’s Fastest Street Bike
Asphaltfighters® STORMBRINGER powered by WARM UP
The world’s fastest street bike hits the stage: The Asphaltfighters® STORMBRINGER powered by WARM UP celebrates its world debut at the ESSEN MOTOR SHOW 2009.
The new high-performance motorcycle has a top speed of more than 320 km/h and accelerates from rest to 300 km/h in just 13.9 seconds. This performance is made possible by a 1,000-cc four-cylinder four-valve engine with a rated power output of 220 hp / 161.9 kW, which in booster mode can be increased to 280 hp / 206 kW for short periods of time.
While the semi-gloss black/orange bike weighs in at just 195 kilograms fully fueled thanks to uncompromising lightweight design, it still combines spectacular design with revolutionary features that
have never before been used on a motorcycle. Among them is a backup camera system that eliminates the need for conventional rearview mirrors, a head-up display that projects the current speed onto the
windscreen and an innovative lighting system with LED daytime running lights and just one extremely powerful Xenon headlamp that serves as both high and low beam.
The Asphaltfighters® STORMBRINGER is built in small-series production by WARM UP Zweiradtechnik GmbH in Aalen, Germany with an MSRP starting at 57,500 Euros. To achieve the perfect union of
high-performance bike and rider the price includes a precision setup of the bike to the rider. Suspension, seating position and all operating controls are calibrated to the rider’s weight and size.
Also included in the price of the bike is high-tech rider gear color-coordinated with the bike. It includes a precisely fitting leather suit and a carbon-fiber and Kevlar helmet whose aerodynamic
properties make it perfectly suited for the extremely high speeds this motorcycle can reach.
A large contribution to making this dream on two wheels come true comes from the Asphaltfighters® STORMBRINGER technology partners. Only the very best addresses in the world of motorcycles suffice:
ABM, Akrapovic, BelRay, Beutler Lackdesign, BIKERBOX, Bridgestone, CIMA Schlier, gilles.tooling, Held Biker Fashion, Kellermann, Melvin, OZ Motorbike, PUIG, Emil Schwarz, Spiegler and WAECO contribute their collective know-how to this extreme bike.
More information about this unique project is available on the web at www.asphaltfighters-stormbringer.com.
Concept and Movers and Shakers
Modern superbikes are powerful, fast and offer handling characteristics that even professional motorcycle racers could only dream of in the past. But better is the enemy of good and thus even
this species of motorcycles offers room for further improvements and for more individuality and exclusivity, sought by many discerning riders around the globe.
Thus was born the Asphaltfighters® STORMBRINGER powered by WARM UP. The performance specifications were clearly defined: Maximum performance paired with ultra-sporty handling and extreme stopping power. Added to the bargain are a number of innovative equipment details never before seen on a motorcycle, and a network of the best technology partners to be found in the motorcycle scene.
The idea for the Asphaltfighters® STORMBRINGER was generated by the team of marketing and PR professionals at ROXXITY Ltd. The high-performance bike is built by WARM UP Zweiradtechnik GmbH, one of the world’s leading custom bike manufacturers, located in Aalen, Germany.
Engine and Drivetrain
At the heart of the Asphaltfighters® STORMBRINGER is the liquid-cooled four-cylinder four-valve engine from engine manufacturer BIKERBOX. Complex detail work by power guru Sepp Buchner results in a rated power output of the 1,000-cc high-speed engine of 220 hp / 161.9 kW at 13,500 rpm.
Realizing this kind of peak power in a reliable manner suitable for everyday use requires enormous effort. The cylinder heads are fitted with a new combustion chamber shape, and inlet and outlet valves as well as the valve seats are optimized for mixture flow. Forged aluminum high-performance pistons are also part of the engine concept as are numerous additional detail modifications to the inner workings of the engine.
Especially important for an explosive power curve are the engine peripherals. Akrapovic is the top choice for the factory teams competing in the Superbike World Championship when it comes to high-performance exhaust systems. As technology partner for the Asphaltfighters® STORMBRINGER German Akrapovic importer JAMPARTS supplied a custom-tailored exhaust system with carbon-fiber rear
muffler that contributes vitally to the enormous power output of the high-tech engine. The hexagonal shape of the rear muffler makes it also a stunning design feature that blends perfectly with the spectacular overall design.
For an optimal symbiosis of power yield and drivability the engine uses a freely programmable engine management system. Precisely calibrated mapping for injection and ignition ensure a healthy power
curve all the way to the cutoff speed of 13,700 rpm. In addition the BIKERBOX engine electronics feature an adjustable ten-stage traction control, a launch control feature for perfect acceleration from rest and a freely programmable speed limiter activated at the push of the button for city traffic or for the pit lane. For especially precise and fast throttle commands the bike features a quick throttle from
Perfect lubrication with high safety reserves is elementary for an engine such as the one on the Asphaltfighters® STORMBRINGER. Fully synthetic Bel-Ray EXS 0 W – 40 motor oil combines excellent
low-friction properties with maximum wear protection.
Power is transferred to the rear wheel via a high-performance clutch, a six-speed manual transmission and a chain color-coordinated with the overall color scheme. Lubricant specialist Bel-Ray supplies a
clear chain spray that provides optimal maintenance while preserving the orange color scheme.
From the very beginning extreme performance that can be safely controlled at all times was one of the most important development goals for the Asphaltfighters® STORMBRINGER. To further improve the
enormous acceleration potential the bike features a booster mode. For a few seconds peak power can be bumped from permanently available 220 hp / 161.9 kW to 280 hp / 206 kW. Due to traction limitations this button-activated feature is only available at speeds above 180 km/h.
The Asphaltfighters® STORMBRINGER delivers acceleration performance normally reserved for true racing superbikes. The bike reaches 100 km/h after just 2.9 seconds and 200 km/h after a mere 6.5 seconds. Using the booster mode the magical 300-km/h mark, unattainable for most street bikes, is reached after just 13.9 seconds.
The Asphaltfighters® STORMBRINGER also sets new standards for top speed. The selected final drive gear ratio gives the high-performance bike a top speed of more than 320 km/h, making it the world’s fastest street bike built in small-series production.
Speeds way beyond the 300-km/h barrier naturally place extreme demands on aerodynamics. The Asphaltfighters® STORMBRINGER integrates factors into the bike concept that large manufacturers omit due to cost.
Among other things the motorcycle is equipped with carbon-fiber mud guards from technology partner PUIG, making it extremely light. Side flaps and spoiler lips on the seat bump are designed for excellent directional stability. The windscreen from PUIG has an orange tint and fits perfectly with the overall color scheme of the Asphaltfighters® STORMBRINGER. It also has an optimal aerodynamic shape and together with the fairing provides optimal wind protection for the pilot.
The tear-shaped Kellermann mini turn signals are also part of the sophisticated aerodynamic concept.
Just as important for optimal aerodynamics is the rider’s clothing. Technology partner Held BIKER FASHION has more than 60 years of experience in this area. The one-piece Held SLADE leather suit is
made from a combination of cow and kangaroo leathers and is available in many standard and special sizes. By using schoeller®-KEVLAR stretch inserts under the arms, in the groin area and at the knees
the suit fits the rider like a glove and offers optimal aerodynamics and freedom of motion. Maximum safety is ensured by the high-strength leather, safety seams and integrated protectors for shoulders,
elbows, back and knees. The suit is complemented with Held Titan gloves and Held Merlin boots that have garnered top scores in numerous tests conducted by international motorcycle magazines.
The head of the driver is subject to enormous turbulences at high speeds. The Asphaltfighters® STORMBRINGER comes with a helmet that perfectly combines favorable aerodynamics and safety. CIMA-Schlier, German importer of helmet manufacturer X-lite, supplied the perfect solution for the demanding requirement specifications. The X-701 Hazard helmet features a matte-black carbon-fiber and Kevlar shell with orange decors. It offers the highest level of safety, excellent wear comfort and fits in perfectly with the overall appearance of the bike.
Suspension, Wheels and Tires
As good as the suspensions of modern superbikes are, there is still room for improvement through professional modifications. Technology partner Emil Schwarz is an absolute authority in this area and for
decades has been optimizing suspensions through the elimination of production tolerances and the installation of high-quality precision bearings.
The Swabian modifies the aluminum twin spar frame of the Asphaltfighters® STORMBRINGER in all suspension-relevant areas. After the installation of the Emil Schwarz precision bearing set with its
precise-fit countered components the steering head has absolutely no radial bearing play at all. It guides the inverted front fork with DLC coating and 43-millimeter diameter free of play for a much more
precise turn-in and notably better cornering stability.
For controlling the rear swingarm without play Emil Schwarz installs precision bearings and upgrades the swingarm with grease nipples.
Any play in the rear suspension drag link has exponential effects and introduces suspension instability. Emil Schwarz eliminates this problem with precision play-free bearings. The rear monoshock is also
fitted with new bearings free from play.
The absolutely play-free bearings of Asphaltfighters® STORMBRINGER suspension in combination with the infinitely adjustable bound and rebound of the front fork and the many selectable settings for the
monoshock result in unparalleled safe and precise handling.
The fork bridge from ABM GP Racing weighs just 380 grams and is made from aircraft aluminum. It is part of the lightweight design concept and stabilizes control of the inverted front fork. With the ABM
adjuster wheel the damping rate of the fork can be changed in seconds without any tools.
The bike’s suspension is calibrated precisely to each individual rider. Before taking delivery the buyer is invited to visit WARM UP in Aalen to calibrate the bike’s setup to his or her individual preferences and weight.
Reducing unsprung weight as much as possible was also at the top of the list of performance specifications for the WARM UP engineers. OZ Motorbike is not only supplier for numerous racing teams such as the BMW World Superbike factory team; it is also a manufacturer of high-quality aftermarket alloy wheels for street bikes.
For the Asphaltfighters® STORMBRINGER the engineers from the Italian manufacturer have developed special versions of the forged OZ Piega alloy wheel in size 3.5Jx17 in front and in size 6Jx17 in back. Their sophisticated weight-optimized design saves some 2.3 kilograms compared to conventional wheels. This makes the Asphaltfighters® STORMBRINGER react quickly to change in directions and provides perfect feedback even in extreme lean angles.
Racing technology was also the top choice for the tires for this extremely fast high-performance bike: Technology partner Bridgestone supplies the BATTLAX BT-016 RADIAL high-performance tires that
transfer Moto GP experience to the road. The distinctive feature of this supersport tire is the combination of various rubber compounds in one tire.
The rear tire in size 190/55 ZR 17 has three different rubber compounds. The center compound is designed for longevity while the right and left feature a high-grip soft compound. The tire shoulders
feature an even softer compound and thus offer extremely high grip.
The narrower front tire in size 120/70 ZR 17 features two different rubber compounds, harder in the middle and softer on both sides for optimal grip in front.
The mixture of precision suspension bearings, high-quality multiply adjustable dampers, ultra-light wheels and the Bridgestone tires lends the Asphaltfighters® STORMBRINGER handling characteristics with unsurpassed precision, feedback and stability.
Fine Tuning
Truly sporty riding is not just a question of engine power and precision-calibrated suspension alone. Just as important if not more is the human factor.
WARM UP invites every Asphaltfighters® STORMBRINGER customer for a fitting session to the production facilities in Aalen before the bike is delivered. Just like a designer suit the bike is custom-tailored to its new owner.
This step is absolutely unique in the production of high-performance bikes and is made possible by selecting only the best control components available on the market. The gilles.tooling foot pegs are
made from high-strength aluminum. They are infinitely adjustable and thus can be adjusted to the specific rider. An integrated vernier scale allows precise positioning of the foot pegs. The gearshift and
brake lever feature dual play-free ball bearings. For drivers with racing ambitions the shift pattern can be reversed so that the first gear is up, all the other gears down.
The gilles.tooling variobar handlebar also offers a multitude of adjustment options. The super-light handlebar halves are cut from solid aircraft aluminum and can be adjusted in height and angle. They
allow the rider to find the perfect position on the bike which contributes greatly to safe and sporty handling.
The CNC-machined gilles.tooling levers for brake and clutch are also adjustable. The extremely compact levers feature true racing looks and offer 50 different settings over an adjustment range of 25
millimeters, allowing perfect fine tuning for each individual rider.
CNC-milled ABM S-Grip aluminum handholds with vibration-dampening grip zones offer perfect grip. They are complemented stylishly with ABM Stash Cap handlebar ends.
Extreme demands are placed on the brakes of a powerful bike such as the Asphaltfighters® STORMBRINGER. Technology partner Spiegler Bremsentechnik has more than 20 years of experience in developing high-performance brake systems. The revolutionary RIWI by Spiegler segment rotor brakes markedly increase the bike’s safety reserves.
Contrary to conventional brake discs these rotors do not have a continuous rim but rather are made from individual segments of extremely thermal-resistant steel connected by the RIWI Segment
Floating System. This system eliminates the possibility of discs warped by excessive heat as is common with conventional discs. In addition, the brake forces are not transferred to the center of the disc, the floater, but directly to the individual RIWI segments.
Depending on the predominant use of an Asphaltfighters® STORMBRINGER bike these high-tech brake rotors can be used with racing or street brake pads.
The milled aluminum ABM front brake fluid reservoir and the extremely lightweight CNC-milled ABM foot brake cylinder for precise application of brake power combine form and function.
For the perfect brake pressure even under highest loads technology partner Melvin supplies custom-tailored braided stainless-steel brake hoses. They are covered with an orange plastic sheath and fit
perfectly with the overall color scheme of the bike.
Silicone DOT 5 brake fluid from Bel-Ray is a brake fluid containing silicone that can easily handle even the toughest stress on the racetrack.
Powerful lighting is essential for the active safety of a motorcycle. The developers of the Asphaltfighters® STORMBRINGER incorporated some revolutionary solutions never before used on a motorcycle.
The face of the world’s fastest street bike is characterized by a totally new single-light design. Excellent luminosity and small size are the main attributes of the Xenon headlamp. It has a diameter of just 70 millimeters and serves as high beam and low beam alike.
During daylight the Asphaltfighters® STORMBRINGER can be easily recognized from a distance by its LED daytime running lights arranged in the shape of a triangle integrated into the fairing. When the
Xenon low beam is turned on the LED lights are dimmed to the intensity of parking lights.
Technology partner Kellermann supplies the latest generation of its micro turn signals. The front Kellermann Micro 1000 PL turn signals are attached to the fairing and in addition to indicating the
direction of turn they also feature an integrated LED position light
The rear Kellermann Micro 1000 DF turn signals are just as innovative. They are attached to the extremely lightweight WARM UP stainless-steel license plate holder. In addition to the LED turn
signals each unit also houses a red Kellermann High-Power LED that serves as brake light and taillight. They eliminate the need for a conventional taillight, giving the Asphaltfighters® STORMBRINGER a
totally unique and at first sight unfamiliar rear appearance.
Head-Up Display
Head-up displays have been in successful use in fighter jets and a few select high-performance automobiles for years. Now they have found their way into the production of motorcycles. The
Asphaltfighters® STORMBRINGER is the first bike that projects the current speed onto the windscreen using this technology.
Technology partner WAECO supplies the WARM UP electronics specialists with the head-up display that offers a marked safety increase especially at high speeds. With information about the current speed
always in the field of vision the rider never has to look away from the road to find out how fast the bike is travelling.
The WAECO Head-Up Display projects large green digits onto the orange-colored PUIG windscreen. Engine speed is indicated separately on an analog display with orange-colored carbon-fiber design.
Operating temperatures and the selected gear are indicated by a digital display integrated into the tachometer.
Backup Camera
Motorcycle riders are familiar with the problem of vibrating mirrors or with mirrors half obscured by the rider’s arms. On the Asphaltfighters® STORMBRINGER this problem is solved with
state-of-the-art technology. In place of conventional mirrors a WAECO backup camera system always provides a perfect rear view.
The camera is almost completely hidden from view in the back of the seat where the taillight is normally mounted. The five-inch LCD screen that displays the color image from the backup camera is
integrated into the tank in the rider’s field of vision.
The Asphaltfighters® STORMBRINGER features an aggressive racing design not only characterized by its asymmetric headlight arrangement.
The color combination of semi-gloss orange and black is an elementary part of the overall concept. The paint scheme was designed and executed by Klaus Beutler and his company Beutler Lack & Design, one
of the best custom painters in the world.
Orange-colored highlights are added by the PUIG windscreen, the drive chain and a number of other color-coordinated carbon-fiber-design components. Another striking functional design feature is the
gilles.tooling crash pad that protects both sides of the bike against damages.
The Asphaltfighters® STORMBRINGER is built to order by WARM UP Zweiradtechnik GmbH in small-series production. MSRP starts at 57,500 Euros.

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