ASMA Design are offering a peak at their upcoming list of exterior accessories designed to fit the Lamborghini Aventador.
The Aventador looks pretty aggressive as stock if you ask us, bun then again that is what customizing your car is all about, taking things beyond standard for a guaranteed exclusive appearance.
And you might already know that ASMA design are good at that, especially by looking at this photo were we see that they managed to make the Aventador appear much more extravagant without going to far. We still however have to see the front end of this thing before we can voice our final opinion about it.
From what we see in this rendering it looks like ASMA has interfered with the Aventador’s side panels, side and rear skirts and diffuser and has also fitted the Italian supercar with a rear spoiler, air vents that seem to be made out of carbon, plus massive black double-spoked wheels.   
We’ll show you ASMA’s creation once they complete everything and go public with it.

Source: ASMA Design