Alpine has officially launched the A110. According to a source, the French car manufacturer is working on a sporty version of its sports car. Internally known as "Sport Chassis", the model will come with more power and impressive performances.

Under the hood of the regular Alpine A110 is a 1.8 liter turbo engine rated at 252 horsepower which is coulped to a seven speed automatic transmission. The Sport version of the model will get the same engine but it will deliver about 300 horsepower.

The not to 100 km/h run is done in 4.5 seconds in the regular A110, but in the Sport version, the same sprint will be done in less than 4 seconds. According to the same sources, Alpine will also tweak the suspension, the transmission response and will shave up some kilograms. As a result, the new A110 Sport will be more powerfull and will deliver greater performances than the regular one.