The Italy-based EV start-up Ahera has published the first interior pictures of its future electric SUV. The car still doesn’t have a name, but it has a impressive interior.

The new EV SUV features a single display that streches along the dashboard. It occupies a massive amount of space in front of the windshield, but do not fear from it. This unique display comes with two settings When driving, it is retracted into the dash, leaving just the top of it visible. In this configuration, the driver will see the digital instrument cluster and the navigation information. There are also permanent displays for the exterior side mirrors.

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When you’ll park the car, the display will come to live and will transform the interior of the model into a mobile office. There is also a second screen which will serve as the control center for the primary infotainment functions.

For now, there are the only details we know about this electric SUV. According to the officials, the start-up said “substantial private funding” is secured, and it will probably come to life in the next years.