Acura NSX is an extraordinary model who will rebirth from its own ashes in 2015. For now, the new Acura NSX was launched in a concept form in Gran Turismo 6 video game. 

According to Acura, the upcoming NSX will feature a twin-turbo V6 unit and a Sport Hybrid Super Handling All-Wheel Drive system. The latter one will feature three electric motors which will offer instant delivery of negative or positive torque during cornering to a achieve a new level of driving performance unparalleled by current AWD systems. 

"Whether in the virtual world of Gran Turismo today, or on real-world roads and racing circuits less than two years from now, the Acura NSX will be an incredibly innovative and thrilling ride that delivers something entirely new to the world of super sports cars." He went on to say "The wait is over for NSX fans eager to get behind the wheel of the next Acura supercar, and they can rest assured the actual production car will be even more amazing than the in-game concept version", said Mike Accaviatii, senior VP of Auto Operations at American Honda Motor.

Source: Acura