Ac Schnitzer is presenting a range of custom parts included in a new aerodynamic kit designed to fit the BMW X6 M.
So starting with the the exterior the AC Schnitzer BMW X6 M received a new front spoiler and apron made from carbon fiber, a chromed front grille, a carbon fiber bonnet with colling vents that feature a chromed center bar, wheel arch extensions, plus a rear roof wing, rear edge wing and diffuser also made from carbon.
Inside the AC Schnitzer BMW X6 M the tuner also adds various aluminium and carbon fiber elements, plus a new speedometer that goes up to 360 Km/h and velour floor mats.
Under the bonnet the AC Schnitzer BMW X6 M has fitted a new engine cover made from…you guessed it , carbon and as for the wheels, the company has chosen its 22 inch AC Schnitzer Lightweight Forged Wheels Type V.
AC Schnitzer press relase :
Powerful and sporting:
The X6 M by AC Schnitzer with "Motorsport Genes"
Pure dynamism with powerful lines – unmistakeably the "motorsport gene“: evident at first sight in the BMW X6 M. And the X6 M by AC Schnitzer is even more powerful and sporting.
The Aachen-based tuning specialist is currently working on a performance upgrade which, in combination with delimiting the Vmax and a sports exhaust, will bring a further perceptible increase in the power of the X6 M. And if that’s not enough, you can also opt for the carbon fibre AC Schnitzer engine styling. Even without a performance upgrade, the acoustic and visual attraction will be enhanced by the AC Schnitzer sports rear silencer with two chromed “Sports Trim“ tailpipe trims in right/left combination.
AC Schnitzer not only gives the BMW X6 M more power, but also a tailored race outfit of carbon. Front spoiler, rear roof spoiler, rear wing, rear diffuser and design elements for the front skirt and chromed front grille give the X6 M an impressive and muscular appearance. As an option, the carbon Bonnet Vents with chromed centre web complete the sporting look.
A real highlight is the new AC Schnitzer Bonnet Top of carbon with plexiglas panoramic window through which the engine is permanently visible.
For the X6 M – 1.98 metres wide as standard – AC Schnitzer has adapted the FALCON wheel arch extensions so that the BMW body gains an extra 40 mm width each side.
The already sporting interior ambience of the BMW X6 M has been refined further in the Aachen works. The instrument panel conversion – speedo and rev counter with AC Schnitzer logo, white dials, red pointers and red lighting – gives the X6 M a speedometer display up to 360 km/h. The carbon interior trim and the AC Schnitzer steering wheel spokes in new "black Exclusiv" design and the AC Schnitzer aluminium cover for the i-Drive system controller, aluminium footrest and pedal set, and velour foot mats, round off the interior package.
The wheelarches of the X6 M by AC Schnitzer can be filled with 20", 22" or imposing 23"
AC Schnitzer wheels in Type IV BiColor, Type VII silver, black or BiColor, or the
AC Schnitzer forged alloys Type V or forged racing rims Type VIII BiColor. In combination with the 275, 315, 295 or 335 tyres, it’s easy for the driver in the cockpit to transfer the engine power to the track, and at the same time provide external evidence of the "motorsport gene“ of the X6 M by AC Schnitzer even when stationary.

Source: AC Schnitzer