We have already seen the visual enhancements performed by AC Schnitzer on the 2011 BMW 5 Series, and now, as they completed the first power upgrade for the 2011 BMW 530d version its time to see what the German saloon is capable of.
The AC Schnitzer 2011 BMW 530d is delivering 286 HP (201 kW) instead of 245 HP (180 kW) like the regular model and we suspect that a remapped ECU is responsible to the additional power gain.
The AC Schnitzer 2011 BMW 530d also comes with a new exhuast featuring twin sport tailpipes, high-performance brakes with 8-piston callipers and 374×36 mm brake discs and a stiffer suspension.
Apart from the AC Schnitzer 2011 BMW 530d, the German tuner is working on finishing power kits that apply to the 520d, 525d and 535d which in standard form develop 184 HP, 204 HP and 300 HP respectively.  
AC Schnitzer press release :
Dynamics in its most beautiful form, beyond the standard: The BMW 5-series saloon gains its wings from AC Schnitzer
"Dynamics in its most beautiful form" – the new BMW 5-series saloon has been in the showrooms of BMW dealers since May 2010.
Aachen-based tuning specialist AC Schnitzer gives the new dynamic BMW extra wings with its extensive range of special accessories. Thanks to the AC Schnitzer performance upgrade on the 530d, the driver behind the wheel can enjoy 286 HP instead of the standard 245 HP. Optimizations for the BMW 520d, 525d and 535d are also in development. Whatever the model, all 5-series can be improved with the AC Schnitzer engine styling with capacity logo.
Acoustically, the AC Schnitzer versions of the BMW 550i, 535i, 535d and 530d are enhanced with the twin sports rear silencer with its chromed "Sports Trim" tailpipe trims in left/right combination (in development). This not only provides the sonorous, sporting sound but also brings an improved response behaviour from the engine. For the purely aesthetic enhancement of the exhaust system on
the 525d and 530d models, a chromed "Racing" tailpipe trim is also available.
The "most beautiful form" of dynamic driving behaviour is provided by the AC Schnitzer spring kit, which not only lowers the vehicle by 25 millimetres but also gives the entire suspension set-up a more sporting tone, without neglecting the comfort requirements of the passengers.
There’s no escaping it – even the most dynamic drive must be slowed down at some point. In this case, the AC Schnitzer 8-piston high performance brake system mercilessly grips the front axle. The 8-pot fixed calliper (left/right) and the perforated, internally vented brake discs provide greatly improved deceleration and even safer
stopping for the vehicle – and of course the wheels, available from AC Schnitzer in various designs and with different wheel and tyre combinations.
The five-series by AC Schnitzer stands either on 19 or 20-inch Type IV wheels in BiColor or silver. Another alternative in 19 inch is the Type VIII rim, which is also available for the 5-series BMW. The highlight of the wheel range for the new 5-series (F10) is the Forged Alloy Type V rim, which allows sizes of 9.0J and 10.0J x 20 inch with tyres 245/35 R20 on the front and 285/30 R 20 on the rear, and at the same time achieves a clear weight advantage.
BMW drivers place great visual importance on sporting, refined styling. In development of the aerodynamic kit, the AC Schnitzer designers and engineers have picked up the contours of the new 5-series saloon and subtly emphasised this. The result is a tailor-made outfit which further enhances the striking looks of the BMW 5-series.
At first glance, the new front spoiler catches the eye. This, in conjunction with the chromed grille, ensures a far more dynamic appearance. And of course the saloon not only has a smart front, but also a neat rear: the AC Schnitzer rear skirt insert integrates the sports exhaust harmoniously, and together with the rear roof spoiler and rear spoiler, makes the entire rear end substantially "more powerful". Visually, the AC Schnitzer side skirt elements with chromed design elements (available as an option) link the front and rear parts of the vehicle.
That perfect feeling while driving comes also from the AC Schnitzer interior enhancements such as the AC Schnitzer "Evo" sports airbag steering wheel with optional AC Schnitzer carbon steering wheel insert in black "Exclusiv". The carbon interior trim and the carbon sill trim set in black "Exclusiv" ensure just the right distinction from the standard look. The AC Schnitzer interior range also includes the aluminium cover for the i-Drive System Controller, aluminium foot rests and pedals set, and gear knobs in leather, aluminium (black anodized), with leather and illumination or digital gear display. Boot and foot mats in velours complete the interior package.
"Dynamics in its most beautiful form" – the new BMW 5-series saloon has been in the showrooms of the BMW dealers since May 2010. "Dynamics in its most beautiful form – beyond the standard" is now available from Aachen tuning specialist AC Schnitzer. 
Engine: performance upgrades
for 530d from 180 kW / 245 HP to 210 kW / 286 HP
for 520d with 135 kW / 184 HP – in development
for 525d with 150 kW / 204 HP – in development
for 535d with 221 kW / 300 HP – in development
engine styling optic with capacity logo
Exhaust: twin sports rear silencer with
chromed "Sports Trim" tailpipe trims (left / right)
(for 550i, 535i and 535d as well as 530d)
AC Schnitzer chromed "Racing" tailpipe (for 525d, 530d)
Brakes: 8-piston high performance brake system
for the front axle, consisting of:
8-pot fixed calliper, left – right
perforated, internally vented brake discs Ø 374 x 36mm, set
brake pads, 8-pieced brake pads and calliper mounting bracket
Suspension: spring kit
Aerodynamics: front spoiler, chromed front grille, bonnet vents (country specific),
chromed centre bar for bonnet vents, side skirt inserts, chromed
design elements for side skirt inserts, rear roof spoiler, rear spoiler,
rear skirt insert, rear skirt protection foil
Steering: sports airbag steering wheel "Evo"
steering wheel insert, carbon "black Exclusiv"
Interior: carbon interior, black "Exclusiv", carbon sill trim set
"black Exclusiv", aluminium cover for i-Drive system
controller, aluminium foot rest and pedal set,
gear shift knobs in aluminium (black anodized),
leather with illumination or with digital shift display,
velours trunk mat and floor mats
Wheel/Tyre sets: Type IV Wheels silver in 19 inch
Type IV Wheels BiColor in 19 und 20 inch
Type V Lightweight Forged Wheels BiColor in 20 inch
Type VIII Wheels BiColor in 19 inch

Source: AC Schnitzer