ABT is introducing a new power upgrade for the Audi A7 Sportback, called the AS7 which they claim, will not only transform the German model into a paper tiger, but also a real one.
This upgrade packs an additional 100 HP (74 kW) into the engine, which means the AS7 will have a total output of 520 HP (382 kW), enough to guarantee a top speed of 290 Km/h.
The V8 unit from under the hood is also capable of unleashing 650 Nm of torque, so in other words, a comfortable car suitable for everyday usage that is also "astonishingly sporty".
Apart from the mechanical changes, ABT’s upgrades for the A7 include a set of 20 or 21 inch CR or CD alloy wheels, stiffer suspension springs and an optional lowering module or the air suspension setting called ABT Level Control.
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Source: ABT Sportsline