Custom Attitude is the concept underpinning Abarth ‘fuoriserie’, the programme devoted to customers who want the exclusivity typical of custom cars together with top performance levels.

Specially crafted by a highly specialised team of Abarth designers, engineers and mechanics, each "fuoriserie" is a faithful reflection of the concepts at the heart of Abarth DNA.

In the wake of the ‘Olio Fiat’ livery launched in Paris, the Geneva Motor Show will host the debut of four examples of customised cars that push the boundaries of the concept of ownership and exclusivity. The New Heritage collection associated with the spirit of motorsport and the history of Abarth will feature the Abarth 695 ‘Record’ and the Abarth 695 ‘Scorpione’, with customisations that update the liveries of historical models, namely the Abarth 750 Record Bertone and the A112 or 124 Abarth.

The line-up at the Swiss show will also include the Abarth 695 ‘Hype’ and Abarth 695 ‘Black Diamond’ belonging to the New Wave collection, where the focus is on the latest trends and a quest for innovative materials and technologies.  The former is aimed at younger customers interested in cutting-edge trends, while the latter satisfies those seeking refinement and style.

The range of personalisation options has now been extended through performance tuning kits, brake systems, exhaust systems and an extensive array of accessories, new colours and materials for exteriors and interiors. 

Source: Fiat