Mini will try to reach the Arctic Circle in an attempt to establish a new World Record for the longest Christmas wishlist. To be more specific, a convoy of Minis will be travelling to Rovaniemi to bring Santa Claus Christmas letters written by children and adults from all over the world.
In order to set this world record, MINI has involved a total of 16 markets, most of them from Europe: Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Belgium, Bulgaria, Greece, Poland, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia. Outside Europe only letters from Russia, the United States and Singapore will be sent to Santa.
The journey will start November 24th at BMW Group Headquarters in Munich. The fleet will cover more than 3000 km, passing through some of the most beautiful European cities such as Copenhagen and Stockholm.
The letters will be stored in the Mini hatchback, Clubman, Mini Coupe, Mini Roadster, Mini Countryman and Mini Cabrio.
The new Mini Paceman, the latest addition to the Mini family will welcome the cars as they arrive at Rovaniemi along Rauno Aaltonen, the winner of the history-making 1967 Monte Carlo Rally.

Source: Mini