An impressive 1937 Bugatti 57SC Sports Tourer was sold for 9.73 million USD. The auction was held by Bonhams in Amelia Island. This is the most valuable Bugatti ever sold at auction and according to Bonhams is also the most valuable car ever sold at Amelia Island. 

The Bugatti 57SC Sports Tourer has a custom body produced by British coachbuilder Vanden Plas and a chassis number 57541. According to Bonhams, the car gathered lots of bidders and the starting price was set at 6 million USD. In just a few minutes the price quickly rose to 8 million USD and finally the magic words were spoken: 9.735 million USD. 

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The car was bought by a private American collector and before the auction it was valued between 11 and 13 million USD. 

This Bugatti 57SC was delivered in 1937 in New York and was showcased in 2015 during the London Motor Show. Under the hood is a 3.3 liter V8 engine equipped with a Stromberg carburetor. The engine can deliver 200 horsepower at 4.500 rpm. The engine management is calibrated thanks to a four speed manual gearbox. The stopping power is offered by four-wheel hydraulic drum brakes.


Source: Bonhams