Genesis is one of the brands who can comfortably challenge every German limousine and it can even offer you something beyond that. Now, the Koreens are willing to prove that once again with the introduction of the new generation G90 limousine.

G90 will be available in a choice of 12 color options in the Korean domestic market. Brand new colors such as Hallasan Green, Capri Blue, Bariloche Brown, Valencia Gold, and Maui Black are exclusive to G90. The model will also be available in Makalu Gray, Vik Black, Tasman Blue, Savile Silver, Uyuni White, Makalu Gray Matte, and Verbier White. The Hallasan Green color in particular is named after Hallasan, a shield volcano on Korea’s Jeju Island, a decision that reflects the brand’s pride in its distinctive Korean identity.

The vehicle also offers a selection of interior colorways, with a total of five combination choices for the Korean domestic market: Obsidian Black/Mono-Tone, Bordeaux Brown/Obsidian Black Two-Tone, Glacier White/Urban Brown Two-Tone, Modern Gray/Galaxy Black Two-Tone, and Dune Beige/Velvet Burgundy Two-Tone.

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G90 is equipped with a gasoline 3.5-liter turbocharged engine and an eight-speed automatic transmission. More details on engine performance for the North American market will be made available closer to launch.

To support strong engine power and torque while ensuring efficient cooling of the brake discs, the G90 utilizes multiple cooling mechanisms, including undercover guide hole, dust cover hole, and wheel guard cooling vanes.

It also features a new Brake Mode, “Chauffeur,” allowing drivers to control braking force. It’s one of three built-in brake modes that drivers can utilise to suit their preferences and driving conditions.

To ensure that same quiet and luxury for every seat in the vehicle, Genesis has measured and analyzed the sound sensitivity of each seat and tailored its sound canceling accordingly. Some parts of the system are reinforced with special materials to strengthen the car’s body, while various sound-absorbing materials were used throughout key sections of the car.

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Meanwhile, laminated glass was used throughout the vehicle, including the second-row doors’ quarter glass, enabling G90 to achieve a maximum level of quietness.

The first-row driver’s seat doors can be set up to automatically close when the brake pedal is used. When passengers exit the vehicle, they can touch the outside door handle switch or press the lock button on the remote control to close the door.

G90’s Fingerprint Authentication System in the center console enables keyless engine start and driving. Moreover, it automatically loads a driver’s personal settings and can be used as an identity verification method for Valet Mode.

G90 is equipped with Digital Key 2, letting customers access and turn on their vehicle by simply touching the door handle when their smartphone is nearby. It also features a hands-free smart trunk system, which automatically opens the trunk when a driver or passenger stands near the sensor located on the rear part of the trunk for three seconds. (A list of smartphone models with this feature can be found on the Genesis homepage and on smartphone manufacturers’ websites). Updates to Genesis Digital Key 2 will be available wirelessly.

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Over the Air (OTA) software updates are also available for major electronic systems inside G90, such as the navigation system, digital cluster, Head-Up display (HUD), brakes, steering wheel, suspension, airbags, and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems). This allows drivers to update their vehicle’s software without visiting a service center, so their vehicle will always remain up to date with the latest features.

An 8-inch Armrest Touch Screen (ATS) located in the center armrest in the second row offers touch-type integrated operation. Passengers can set climate control modes, seat position, massage settings, curtain position, and adjust the lighting. The touch-screen display provides clear guidance and explanations with graphics and animations that are suitable for each function related to the buttons.