Nissan updates its performance offer for the United States market with the introduction of the 2016 GT-R supercar. The coupe which most of the journalists named Godzilla, is now available to order in the US with prices similar to the old model.
Despite the price remaining the same, GT-R clients will receive five horsepower more for the GT-R Premium and GT-R Black Edition, new 20-spoke wheels for the GT-R Premium and 45th Anniversary Gold Edition, featuring a special exterior paint color.
The GT-R Premium starts from $101,770 USD, followed by a $111,510 USD GT-R Black Nismo. Those who want the best performance with no compromise can opt for the Nurburgring smashing-records car, the GT-R Nismo, who starts at $149,990 USD.
The 45th Anniversary Gold Edition, built off of the GT-R Premium model, commemorates the GT-R’s long heritage of world-class high performance. Featuring a special gold paint color, the limited edition model also includes a special gold-tone VIN plate located inside the engine compartment and a special commemorative plaque on the interior center console. The paint color itself is the same "Silica Brass" color that marked the 2001 Skyline GT-R M-Spec (R34 Type). Fewer than 30 of these special GT-Rs are slated for the United States market.
The GT-R Premium and GT-R Black Edition are now rated at 550 horsepower. The power rating for the exclusive GT-R NISMO remains unchanged at 600 horsepower. Along with the 50 additional horsepower and 18 additional lb-ft of torque, the GT-R NISMO features enhanced aerodynamic features, body reinforcement and new handling.