Genesis has unveiled the first official pictures and details of the 2016 Genesis EQ900L/G90L (the first name is used in South Korea). Essentially an extended wheelbase version of the G90 or EQ900, the model comes with a familiar design but it feature longer rear doors and a thicker B-pillar. 

As a result, the new 2016 Genesis EQ900L/G90L is 11.4 inches longer than the standard model and 1.6 inches longer than a Mercedes-Maybach S-Class.

Since we have lot of extra room, this was used for the rear passengers. More than that, those space was also used to implement some high-tech toys for the big guys. Notable highlights include a rear seat entertainment system and a full-length center console that separates two adjustable rear seats with power footrests. 

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Under the hood of the 2016 Genesis EQ900L/G90L is a V8 Tau 5.0 liter engine that can deliver 425 horsepower and 383 pound-feet of torque. The new model will be priced at around $125,000.  For comparison, the Mercedes-Maybach S600 starts at $189,350.

Source: Hyundai