The finalists of the 2016 European Car of the Year title have been revealed. Here are the models: Audi A4, BMW 7-Series, Jaguar XE, Mazda MX-5, Opel Astra, Skoda Superb and Volvo XC90. 

This year we see that the jurists preferred the models from premium segment and the cars with massive practicality. The Astra managed to spend some time at the gym and dropped lots of pounds while the MX-5 is the most beloved roadster in the world.

The BMW 7-Series has arrived in this pack with a technological tour de force, while the XC90 is the most elegant and safety model in the list. 

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A big surprise for us was the Toyota Mirai. The first hydrogen powered mass production car didn’t manage to be among the finalists, just like the Ferrari 488 GTB and the Tesla Model X. 

The 2016 European Car of the Year winner will be announced during the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. As a reminder, in 2015 Volkswagen Passat managed to get the title, while in 2014 the Peugeot 308 was the winner.

Source: ECOTY