Chevrolet continues to tease the public with the unveiling of the future Volt at a Los Angeles event. The electric car is set to be revealed in January, during Detroit Auto Show.
Another image released today tries to offer a glimpse at the front end and to introduce new information about the charging cycle.
According to GM, the charging system in the next-generation Volt is even easier than on the current generation.
The new status system features a specially designed tone that indicates when charging has begun, with additional tones for delayed charging. It will even indicate if the charge port door was left open after unplugging but before entering the vehicle. Also, looking through the windshield, an updated charge status indicator light on the on the top of the instrument panel will show the approximate charge level through a series of flashes.
To make it easy for drivers to recharge in every condition, the 2016 Volt will be available with a new 120V portable cord set that includes a cord nearly 25 feet long, longer than the current 120V portable cord. It can be locked using a small padlock to deter unauthorized removal during charging.
Owners will now be able to set their charging preferences exclusively for their “home” charging location and the vehicle will automatically adjust to that setting when it is at that location. The car will recognize when it arrives “home” based on GPS data.