Bugatti has officially unveiled the 2016 Bugatti Chiron. The new model was previewed by the Vision Gran Turismo concept and is Bugatti’s much awaited replacement for the Veyron. 

The new Bugatti Chiron is basically an all-new car and uses a small amount of components sourced from the mighty Veyron. The W16 8.0 liter engine was updated in order to deliver 1.500 horsepower and 1.600 Nm peak of torque. The engine is now matted to a reworked seven speed dual-clutch transmission that sends the power to both axles. 

As a result, the 2016 Bugatti Chiron can run from stand still to 100 km/h in under 2.5 seconds, while the top speed is clocked at 420 km/h (electronically limited). The not to 200 km/h is done in less than 6.5 seconds, while the not to 300 km/h can be done in 13.6 seconds. According to Bugatti, the new 2016 Chiron will be able to run up to 460 km/h. 

The 2016 Bugatti Chiron is 82 mm longer, 40 mm wider and 53 mm higher than the Veyron and is also 341 pounds (155 kilograms) heavier. 

According to Bugatti only 500 units will be made and they already received more than 150 orders. The starting price of the new 2016 Chiron is 2.4 million Euros. 

Source: Bugatti