The third generation of the Skoda Superb has received a full leather exterior treatment. We have seen lots of cars in this situation but I have to admit that this 2015 Superb looks very elegant and suits. 

The car was made by several students from Florence University who were apparently tasked by Skoda’s chief designer Jozef Kaban. The Czech manufacturer chief designer have told to our students to deliver a car with influences from the local area. 

Since Florence is the home of Gucci and Roberto Cavalli, the leather was a simple choice for the students. The car was covered on just about every visible surface, with the exception of the roof, headlights and taillights. 

Inside the cabin no modifications were made. 

According to Skoda this Superb won’t ever be unveiled to the general public. It will be stores at the company’s headquarters in Czech Republic.

Source: Skoda