Every day we get closer to the launch of the much-awaited Honda Civic Type R. The hot hatch will make a public appearance during Geneva Motor Show, in two weeks from now. But until then we get the chance of finding out new information about the car from Honda.
The new Civic Type R benefits from extensive aerodynamic development and testing, both on computer and in the wind tunnel. The result is a car with high-speed stability and high levels of downforce. A wide front splitter and deep side skirts also manage airflow and reduce lift, while the front bumper has been shaped specifically to inhibit air turbulence around the front wheels, cutting drag and enhancing high-speed stability.
The improved aerodynamic help the car achieve a top speed of 270km/h (167 mph), unrivalled amongst its front-wheel drive competitors.
The car is equipped with a high performance Brembo brake package for the front wheels, developed specifically for the car. At the front, four-piston calipers apply braking force to 350 mm drilled discs. New 19-inch alloy wheels, unique to the Type R, complement the visual changes, filling the wheel arches and accommodating the larger brakes.

Source: Honda