SRT has announced these days that the production of the 2014MY Viper has restarted. As you already know, on March 1st, SRT had 756 unsold units which represented a 412-day supply so the officials decided to halt production in order to get rid of the excess inventory. 

SRT factory has stopped assembling cars on April 14 when 91 hourly workers were laid off. More than that, the production of the 2014 MY resumed on June 23 and starting with 2015 MY the Viper will also return to the old Dodge nomenclature. 

Unfortunately, sales of the SRT Viper have modest as through June only 354 cars were sold in the US, while in Canada just 70 units found a new owner. Another important fact is that the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 is now on the assembly line so the future of the SRT Viper doesn’t look too bright.

Source: SRT