The Skoda Yeti seamlessly continues its success story with a facelift. Cobra Technology & Lifestyle offers an exclusive accessories program for the compact SUV.

The Cobra Technology & Lifestyle front brush guard made of mirror-finish stainless-steel tubing with a diameter of 60 millimeters offers solid off-road looks. Thanks to its elastic mounts this accessory complies with the strict EU directive 2009/78 on pedestrian protection.

Alternatively the front of the five-door vehicle can be made more distinctive with the Cobra Technology & Lifestyle CITYGUARD® brush guard. The stainless-steel component with mirror finish not only lends the Yeti a more striking design, but also protects the front against scratches caused by contact with the curb or similar mishaps.

To make getting in and out of the vehicle easier and to protect the rocker panels, the Cobra Technology & Lifestyle designers and engineers have developed tailor-made rocker panel guards for the Skoda. They facilitate getting in and out with integrated steps below the front and rear doors. The rocker panel guards are made of mirror-finish stainless steel. The tubes have a diameter of 80 millimeters. Cobra Technology & Lifestyle also offers running boards with rippled stainless-steel surfaces for the Skoda Yeti or stainless steel sill tubes.

The rear of the SUV can be upgraded with the Cobra Technology & Lifestyle rear guard made of 42-mm stainless-steel tubing. Among the merits of this component is not only an even more striking appearance, but also protection of the rear against minor fender benders.