A series of rumors that started to circulate on the Internet recently, mention that the German automaker is planning to extend its SUV range in 2014 with a new model named the Mercedes GLC.
The 2014 Mercedes GLC will be a compact SUV with a shape of a coupe that will use the platform from the upcoming generations Mercedes A and B Class and we don’t know if this info is true or not, but the vehicle is expected to measure 4.4 meters in length.
If the the 2014 Mercedes GLC will become reality then front-wheel drive and 4Matic four-wheel drive versions seem logical while powering units will probably include the 170 HP 2.1 CDI and the 204 HP 1.8 petrol engines badged as the 220 CDI and CGI GLC 250.

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Source: Autoblog.it