The turnaround in auto sales is well underway at Ford Motor Company. The Fusion is going nuclear, with sales expecting to exceed 300,000 in 2013. This is definitely a hot product with explosive growth. But, from a buyer’s perspective this often comes with a sense that personal identity and style gets lost in the numbers. Consumers want less confusion in their Fusion. Fortunately, as of September 1st, for those looking for a distinctive appearance, 3dCarbon is adding the Fusion to its growing lists of Official FordLicensed Accessories available directly from the dealer at the time of purchase.

The 3dCarbon Ford Fusion body kit and rear wing provides tasteful accents for the sedan, and aligns harmoniously with the original styling direction. This styling enhancement package looks flawless, as if Ford could have designed this right from the start rather than developed as an aftermarket product. The overall Fusion design theme remains intact, yet appears bolder and slightly more aggressive compared with the stock models coming off the assembly lines. This is eye-catching without resorting to outlandish, or quickly fading design trends.

Similar to the Titanium package Eco Boost models, the 3dCarbon body kit also sports a dual exhaust port for all Fusion models with stainless steel surrounds that are fastened into the rear bumper. The metal details finish off the part and provide the bright-work found on the more expensive Fusion models.

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In fact, these sophisticatedly styled pieces are both attractive and up to the challenges of everyday life. 3dCarbon uses the highest quality, high-pressure injection molded urethane from the same suppliers that are used by the OEMs in virtually all of the body kits it offers. The Ford Fusion body kit has undergone rigorous crash testing required for passing the Canadian and US requirements for FMVSS 581. This certifies that this can withstand impacts up to 5mph without damaging the bumpers.

As a result of the exceptional quality, 3dCarbon is able to match the warranty period provided by Ford on its parts for a full five years, or 50,000 miles.

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Consumers have several options in acquiring the 3dCarbon Ford Fusion body kit. Purchasing and financing through Ford Motor Credit is available straight from Ford dealers on new car purchases. Additionally, buyers in the USA and Canada can order directly from 3dCarbon, or those in Mexico and South America can contact Air Design. The products can be drop shipped to the consumer, or to an installation facility of their choice.