Fiat 500 and 500C are some best selling cars in the United States and the Gucci Edition was one of the greatest limited run of the Italian small car. If you missed out the 500 or 500C Gucci Edition last year, you should know Fiat is introducing once again this special version of its 2013MY. 

There is only one difference from the previous model. The interior is offered with a Gucci two tone color schemes for the cabin. On the outside, the customers can choose from the Gucci Nero and Gucci Bianco paint scheme.

Both colors are combined with chrome accents on the bumpers, mirror caps and hood. There is also a new set of 15 inch aluminum rims with GG hubcaps. The coupe version has the Gucci pin stripes on the profile, while the open top variant is coming with the Italian fashion house trademark on the canvas roof. 

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In the United States the 500 Gucci Edition starts at 23.750 dollars and the 500C by Gucci from 27.750 dollars.

Source: Fiat