This week, the members of Swedish House Mafia unleashed a new version of their hit song "Leave the World Behind" featuring the young Swedish singer Lune. Swedish House Mafia created their new music video in collaboration with Volvo Cars in Scandinavia and the song and video will be the leading theme in Volvo’s forth coming global launch campaign of the new Volvo XC60.

"All Volvo’s XC cars are designed around people’s wish to get out there and to leave your everyday life behind for a while. So we thought that the members of Swedish House Mafia were the obvious choice," said Per Carleö, Marketing Manager at Volvo Cars.

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Volvo XC cars are designed to bring you out of town and into a tranquil or adventurous experience, away from today’s busy urban lifestyle. The new XC60 is no exception. The challenge was to create a relevant and credible, yet exciting campaign that clearly explains the Swedish heart of Volvo and the core of Scandinavian lifestyle.

For the last few years, Swedish House Mafia has been one of the most successful music acts in the world and by far the most successful Swedish act. They have officially broken up as of their final appearance at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami, USA, on March 24, 2013. The band members are now concentrating on new projects in their successful careers but as a last project together, they created a brand new version of "Leave the World Behind.

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Source: Volvo