After we’ve seen the Onyx supercar concept, expected next week in Paris, Peugeot surprises us once again with the same name but in a different shape. The French manufacturer will showcase something he is also good at: a scooter.
The two wheel concept, called exactly as the supercar presented last week, perfectly matches the design of the sport car, willing to combine two different configurations (motorbike and scooter).
Powered by a plug-in hybrid engine that combines a regular 400cc internal combustion engine with an electric motor, Peugeot Onyx has a combined power of 45 kW and 58 Nm, enough to reach a top speed of 150 km/h.
With a fuel consumption of only 2 liters/100 km, the scooter can also be driven in full electric mode, guaranteed by the lithium-ion battery package. This way, the new Peugeot Onix can provide a zero emission range of 30 km and a combined range of up to 500 kilometers.
Peugeot has no plans to put it into production

Source: Peugeot