Nissan is ready to sell the new generation Pathfinder on the US market. The popular SUV will be heading to all US dealerships this month with a starting price of $28.270.
The 2013 Pathfinder comes in standard with an S trim level and a 260 hp engine. We are talking about a 3.5 liter V6, mated to a CVT transmission, that helps improving fuel economy with a 19 mpg in city trafiic and 25 mpg in highway traffic. With a 21 mpg average for the 4WD version, the Pathfinder seems like a good choice.
If the 2WD starts at $28.270 it’s better to know that if you want a permanent four-wheel drive, you should know that the starting price is $29.870. If you want the Platinum trim level, and none of the inferiors S, SV or SL, the price will reach $40.770.

Source: Nissan